Lizzie Pwerle

Lizzie Pwerle is an emerging aboriginal artist living in Utopia.  Her country is Atnwengerrp and her language is Anmatyarre & Alyawarre. Lizzie has been painting on canvas since the 1980’s and was involved in the batik projects of the 1970s.  She is the first cousin to the Pwerle Sisters (Galya, Molly, Emily & the late Minnie Pwerle).

Lizzie’s paints ‘Womens Ceremony’ using intricate and varied dots in circular forms and linear designs.  In 2008 Lizzie began painting ‘Bush Orange’ which is represented by lines of fine dots of Bush Orange branches sprawled across the canvas.

The Bush Orange Lizzie paints is a particular fruit that grows in Atnwengerrp.  Once very abundant but now scarce due to over grazing, this species was a stable source of bush tucker for Aboriginals. The fruit grows on a thin long stalk and is larger than a passionfruit.   It is green when unripe turning yellow in maturity.  It is soft inside and is often compared to the flavour of custard apple.  The fruit is consumed raw with the tough outer skin discarded or laid out to dry to consumed during months when bush tucker is scarce.

The physical creation of this Dreaming is an important part of the bush tucker ceremonies conducted by the Utopia women. Artworks such as ‘Bush Orange’ & “Womens Ceremony” ensures the continuation of an ancient and rich cultural heritage while acknowledging the close bond still retained by the artist to her country.

See below some of her beautiful pieces for sale: